Episode #41

August 18, 2019

Good energy is an understatement for this group of musicians. They were one of the largest groups we’ve recorded so far, but their good attitudes made the day go by smoothly. They were extremely supportive of the Cider Session brand, and every member asked to wear the Cider Session pin during their recording. With two lead singers, a commercial break in the middle of one song, a horn section, and fun lyrics, this group was no less than unique. Check out The Pressure Lounge’s Cider Session by clicking the YouTube channel link below.

About Cider Sessions: Cider Sessions is a team of friends, musicians, and videographers that are professionally recording and producing live music videos of local and touring artists in the loft above the Two Rivers Cider tap room, in Sacramento, CA.

Subscribe to the Cider Sessions YouTube channel and follow us on social media to view this regularly published content. Our hope is that these videos will be helpful to musicians in promoting themselves and at the same time connect our favorite artists to each other and their audiences.

Pressure Lounge Members

Josh Krage – Guitar/lead vocals

Amy Anne Krage – lead vocals

Anthony Cedeno- lead vocals

Tony Ledesma – drums

Daniel Block – Trombone/Synthesizer

Sean McMillin– bass guitar

Leslie Loggins- sax/ vocals

Cider Sessions Crew

Executive Producer: Rob Keedy

Director/Editor: Andrew Gayner

Sound Mixer: Doug Neal

Social Media/Production Assistant: Marco Guerrero

Associate Producer: Bre Baker

Key Grip: Jared Collins

Visit us at https://ciderhousemusic.com/


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