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Thank you for your interest in We are team of journalists, videographers, photographers and volunteers building an online media outlet focused entirely on Sacramento’s music scene. We think Sacramento has extremely vibrant music scene and an army of talented people who support it. Our goal is to share with the world the talent we see here in Sacramento and do it through journalistic storytelling at, and collaborating with already established local non-profits. Our goals don’t end at storytelling, we have a number of other goals including a gear library, free classes, collaborative documentary projects, a Sacramento music museum, Sactunes LIVE and so much more. There are currently no other outlets in our city focused entirely on digital content for our thriving music scene. Our goal is to fund this phase in just 60 days so we can keep up our current production schedule while taking us to the next level, and with your help, we can do it. By donating you will be helping us grow and produce more original content along with supporting the many specific creative goals we have. Thank you again for considering us, it means the world to us and the Sacramento music community.


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