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Episode #48

As a gigging musician, you can always expect to play gigs that end late. Jonny Mojo is no exception, playing late on Friday, November 15th and ending in the early hours of the morning on Saturday. Still, he showed up to the Cider Session loft Saturday morning, ready to record. All three members of the Achilles Wheel Trio brought their A game, and recorded the entire session in only 1 hour.

As the only Cider Session that was recorded in November, both the band and the Cider Session staff members were excited about this date. Our staff had joked for a while about how many gigs the Achilles Wheel full band, the Trio, and Jonny Mojo have gigs. With so much history between our staff members and the members of the band, it was only a matter of time before the stars aligned and we found a date that worked to record. The morning started as you would expect any Saturday morning to go-Jonny showed up with floral print silk shirts to choose from, Paul with the black button-up shirt, while Shelby changed into his black boots for a boot-stompin’ good time. It continued with deciding how to set the stage, should they all be standing, or sitting? After little discussion, it was decided that sitting was most comfortable, and our notorious king’s throne matched Jonny’s beard too well to leave out of the shot.

The rest of the day went as smoothly as you could expect. The Achilles Wheel Trio performed almost flawlessly, laughing and keeping things loose the entire session. We even joked that Jonny kept a kazoo on his foot pedal the entire time, and hoped that maybe he’d surprise us with a solo. After the recording had finished, Shelby, Paul, and Jonny stuck around for just a little bit, before heading up the hill to Placerville to play at the Empty Bowls Supper charity event at the fairgrounds, followed by El Dorado Brewing Company later that night. Their fun attitudes, impressive musical abilities, and all-around great personalities made this session one of the easiest we’ve ever had.

Achilles Wheel Trio

Paul Kamm, Jonny Mojo and Shelby Snow are singer/ songwriters and front men of the Northern California Roots and World music/Rock and Roll jam band, Achilles Wheel.  As an acoustic trio they bring the same high energy and engaging stage presence to a quieter place, combining a bit of Country and Bluegrass to the band’s famously hard driving sound. But it’s the infectious quality of their songwriting that really shines in this setting, and the diverse nature of it as well. Paul and Jonny work off of each other like two sides of the same coin, actively looking for and pushing each other to find the most in whatever song they’re playing.  Shelby on the bass is like a river, both calm and turbulent, that runs through it and ties it all together.


Cider Sessions

Cider Sessions is a team of friends, musicians, and videographers that are professionally recording and producing live music videos of local and touring artists in the loft above the Two Rivers Cider tap room, in Sacramento, CA. Subscribe to the Cider Sessions YouTube channel and follow us on social media to view this regularly published content. Our hope is that these videos will be helpful to musicians in promoting themselves and at the same time connect our favorite artists to each other and their audiences.

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