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Thank you for visiting the local music event page for!! The more the music community utilizes the webpage, the more attractive it will become to all users. Below you will find some guidelines and suggestions for adding your own event to our calendar. We also use this calendar exclusively when choosing events to feature on our weekly live music show, In the Know.

The first thing you should know is that the event calendar here at is a local Sacramento music calendar. Please keep that in mind when adding events. There are lots of online event calendars out there and what separates ours from the rest is that we give people a place to find and support local Sacramento area music. Please refrain from adding music events that highlight out of town artists or events that are not local music related. Thank you!!

Please read the tips below and then click here to add your own event!! –>

NOTE: Events need to be approved by a site admin. This could take a few days. If your event is happening within 3 days, feel free to email us or reach out on social media and we may be able to speed up the approval.

Tips and suggestions for adding your event

When adding a title to your event please mention when the event is, who will be playing and where it will be happening. We have our own style here at and will update any titles to match. event title style is: (date) 2.1 // (who) Be Brave Bold Robot @ (where) Shine Cafe. See an example below.

Your event description is one of the most important parts of adding an event. Try and add as much information about your event including the type of music and what guests can expect at your event. The description should be worded like you are speaking to someone who has no idea about the music, band or venue. This is where you would add additional info like age requirements, ticket prices or any other relevant info. See a sample below.

Add the date and time to your event. Be sure to double check the details. If your event goes past midnight, please leave the end time blank and just add a start time.

Adding a engaging image is extremely important. One of the best things you can do design your image to fit into the event space. We highly recommend that you use the 16:9 aspect ratio for all event photos. Photos that are larger or are designed like a show poster will get automatically cropped by the website.

Finally, add the location, organizer and website for your event. Choose from the current list, or add your own.


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